VentorLux Technology

A Breakthrough in technology, utilizing state-of-the-art UVC LED lighting combined with powerful, linear airflow, the VentorLux Soulis purifies air at the microbial level, promoting sterile environments.

The Soulis LED UVC LightCore contains safe, powerful technology which micro purifies 99.99% of all airborne pathogens.

Our AirJet fans produce large volumes of air, moving it in a straight line to create currents throughout a space, ensuring an equal mix of air from ceiling to floor (destratification).  With this, air within a space can be recirculated 15-20 times per hour, moving it through the Soulis LED UVC LightCore for sterilization.

As the air is circulated through the Soulis, UVC light neutralizes the RNA and DNA of any pathogen, causing it to become non-virulent and non-reproductive.

The Soulis 8 Series inoculates 24,000 cubic/ft within the first two hours of use. Multiple units can be combined to shorten kill time. For smaller spaces, VentorLux offers the Soulis 3 Series and Soulis 1 Series.

The Soulis is free of harsh chemicals, carcinogens, ozone and fluorocarbons and is safe for use near people, pets, food and plants.