VentorLux Technology

A Breakthrough in technology, utilizing state-of-the-art UVC LED lighting combined with powerful, linear airflow, the VentorLux Soulis™ purifies air at the microbial level, promoting sterile environments.

The Soulis™ LED UVC LightCore contains safe, powerful technology which micro purifies 99.99% of all airborne pathogens.

Our AirJet linear airflow fans move large volumes of air (appx 400+ cfm / 288nm) using less than 1 amp of electricity. By moving air in a straight line, AirJet creates air currents throughout a space, ensuring an equal mix of air from ceiling to floor (destratification).  With this, air within a space can be recirculated 15-20 times per hour, moving it through the Soulis™ LED UVC LightCore for sterilization.

As the air is circulated through the Soulis™, UVC light destroys the RNA and DNA of any pathogen, causing it to become non-virulent and non-reproductive.

The Soulis™ 8400 inoculates 24,000 cubic/ft within the first two hours of use. Multiple units can be combined to shorten kill time. For smaller spaces, VentorLux offers the Soulis™ 3600 and Soulis™ 1200.

The Soulis™ is free of harsh chemicals, carcinogens, ozone and fluorocarbons and is safe for use near people, pets, food and plants.