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Only Soulis™ provides safe, continuous air sterilization for challenging environments. Our product has tested 100% safe for safe for use near people, plants, animals and food – including occupied patient rooms, classrooms, lobbies, manufacturing plants, airports & other mass transport facilities, etc.

The Soulis™ is breakthrough technology utilizing state-of-the-art UVC LED lighting combined with powerful, linear airflow, to purify the air at the microbial level, promoting sterile environments within hours of use.

The Soulis™ is the only standalone, high volume, microbial air purification system in the world.

Named for the sun, the Soulis™ uses the disinfecting power of UVC radiation to kill airborne pathogens, including viruses, bacterium and molds, in an easy to use, compact unit that plugs into a standard electrical outlet.

Tested and proven by Assured BioLabs, a CDC “Elite”, EPA, AIHA, and NY State- certified lab, the VentorLux Soulis™ was found to remove 99.99% of all airborne pathogens. With a sense of urgency, Soulis™ instantly destroys the RNA and DNA of airborne pathogens, such as Covid-19, in its kill chamber, sterilizing a room within 2 hours of use.

According to Assured BioLabs and the United States Patent and Trademark Office, no other system uses VentorLux’s innovative approach. An evaluator stated, the Soulis™ 8400 is “a true game changer, there is nothing like it in the market.”

Health & Safety is our priority. The Soulis™ has been tested with a dosimeter and external spectral imaging. No radiation was recorded outside the sterilization chamber. The Soulis™ unit is not like an x-ray machine, CT or MRI. The device utilizes a form of ultra-violet light radiation that is only effective in direct line of sight of the emitters within one meter.  No emitters are visible outside the Soulis™ sterilization chamber. Soulis™ meets the guidelines and requirements under ASHRAE standard for an electronic device.

Soulis™ 8400

Continuous, safe air sterilization for larger, challenging environments, including hospitals, nursing homes, food processing, transportation hubs, people portals, ERs, sick lobbies, clinics, places of worship and large university settings / shared spaces.

Soulis™ 3600

Only Soulis™ provides continuous air sterilization, providing safer spaces to help people globally live healthier, safer and more comfortable lives for the betterment of humankind. The Soulis™ 3600 is for use in medium-sized businesses, restaurants, classrooms and homes.

Soulis™ 1200
Coming Soon!

Perfect for smaller spaces like individual rooms and bathrooms, the Soulis™ 1200 provides personal air defense, continuously sterilizing air at the microbial level to promote pathogen free spaces.