VentorLux FAQ'S

What makes Soulis different than other Air Sterilizers?

Only Soulis utilizes UVC LED lighting combined with patented AirJet technology to offer continuous air disinfection that is safe in occupied spaces.

Soulis creates powerful linear airflow to move large volumes of air in a straight line. By moving air in a straight line, Soulis creates air currents throughout a space, ensuring an equal mix of air from ceiling to floor (destratification) to purify air at the microbial level.

In a single air exchange, Soulis neutralizes the DNA and RNA of pathogens, including coronavirus, as they pass through the kill chamber with a 99.99% effective rate.

A Green product, The Soulis is free of harsh chemicals, carcinogens, ozone and fluorocarbons and is safe for use near people, pets, food and plants.

How does the Soulis work?

The Soulis products utilize a UVC LED lightsource to destroy the RNA and DNA of airborne pathogens, including mold spores and Covid-19. The system’s high powered, patented Airjet fans draw air into the kill chamber and then emits sterilized air back into the indoor environment.


Is the product safe for use around people?

Yes, the Soulis products have been tested ‘safe’ by Assured BioLabs, a CDC “elite”, AIHA certified laboratory located in Tennessee. The product is safe for use in occupied spaces for humans, pets, food and plants.

Can the Soulis kill the Corona Virus?

The Soulis begins working immediately to eradicate the virus. The Soulis destroys the RNA and DNA of viruses, bacterium and mold spores.

Mercury-based UVC light wands are the closest competition, but they are only effective proximally. The Soulis products move large volumes of air, are low-cost to operate, have a higher strength of frequency light and are safe to use in occupied spaces, unlike the wands.

How is the Soulis installed?

No custom install is required. The Soulis can be portable or anchored with an arm to the ceiling. There is a simple on/off switch. It uses a standard 110v outlet.

Is the Soulis made in Amercia?

Yes, all of our Soulis products are made right here in the United States utilizing 3D printing in our high tech robotic micro facilities.

Does the Soulis require maintenance?

Yes, an annual maintenance contract is required and guarantees a lifetime warranty of the fans.

Has the product been independently tested?

Yes, in September of 2019 we engaged Assured Bio Labs to test the effectiveness of the Soulis as related to the eradication of bacteria and mold spores. The results were superior. The efficacy report can be viewed here.

The Soulis destroys the DNA and RNA of pathogens with a 99.99% effective rate and is tested safe for use around people, plants, pets and food.

Assured Bio Labs is an AIHA accredited, CDC Elite Lab based in Oakridge Tennessee.