Meet Soulis

The Worlds Most Effective Clean Air Technology

Destroys 99.99% of virus, bacteria and mold spores


Tested 100% safe for people, plants, pets and food


Incredibly fast acting, the Soulis begins neutralizing airborne and surface pathogens immediately



Green Product. Free of harsh chemicals, carcinogens, ozone and fluorocarbons

Continuous Air Disinfection for Challenging Environments

Game-changing solutions for the fight against airborne pathogens 

Leading the Global Fight Against Covid-19 and all Airborne Pathogens, Droplet Viruses and Surface Contagions

It’s our mission to provide efficient clean air technology to promote sterile spaces

Safe. Reliable. Effective.

Soulis is tested and proven by an independent lab

Fighting COVID

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Industries We Serve


Assisted Living

Surgery Centers

Dental Clinincs

Outpatient Facilities

Restaurant / Retail

Transportation Hubs

Places of Worship


Manufacturing / Food Production

We don’t just fight pathogens, we kill them


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